Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hair Clip Tutorial

Ever since I had a baby girl I have gotten into making headbands and hair clips for her. When she was a little baby I loved the huge flowers on a headband but now that she is a bit older she won't keep them on her head so I have adjusted to hair clips. Her hair has been soooo slow coming in that sometimes people think she is a boy if she doesn't have a hair clip in (even if she is wearing pink!)

I am sure there are hundreds of tutorials on how to make these but if you don't know how and want to learn just follow this tutorial.

What you will need:
-hair clips
-glue gun
-shelf liner
-big shot *(optional-but makes it so much easier)*

I used the big shot to cut my circles from the fabric so I will be using that term throughout this tutorial. If you do not have a big shot that is ok! You can still make these cute hair clips. What you will need to do is cut the circles by hand or if you have some other device that cuts circles out of fabric I'm sure that will be great.

1. Cut the circles out of fabric. The big shot die cut has 4 different sizes of circles so I cut out all 4 sizes because it's easier and then choose the sizes that I want. I have 4 layers of fabric because you will need 4 circles of the same size to create the hair clip.

fabric getting ready to be cut

 going through the big shot

All cut out! 

I like two toned flower hair clips so I repeated all the steps above with a solid pink fabric.

Now I have 4 of each pattern and size.

2. Choose the size you want to use. I used the second largest size because my baby is only 15 months old and still little I didn't want to make the clips too big. (I would say the size is probably "1 1/2.)

Take one of the circles and fold it in half.

Now fold it in half again. It will look like a piece of pie!

Once I have it folded I clip it in the hair clip so it will hold.

Fold the rest of the 3 circles the same.

You should have 4 circles folded.

Now you are going to take a circle from the other pattern of fabric that is the same size and use it as the base.

3. You are going to use your glue gun and put a dab of glue in the middle. You don't want too much glue but enough that will hold the fabrics together.

4. Then you will place one of the folded circles in the glue like shown.

You will continue to add the other folded circles until you are done.
*One thing to remember is that you want all the open parts of the circles going the same direction.* (every other side is open)

5.  Fold the other fabric the same as you did with the first and add some glue and add fabric. I used the small circles for the center of the hair clip.

You are now done with the flower part of the hair clip..

6. Now you are going to glue ribbon on the metal hair clip. I start underneath the prong and fold it up.

7. Cut a little piece of shelf liner and glue it on the bottom of the upper prong of the clip. I only do this step because my daughters hair is thin and a normal clip will not stay in her hair. The shelf liner adds a little grip and stays in!

Your clip is done!

8. Glue the clip to the fabric flower.

You are done!!

Here are the ones I made!!

My cute little model. Hard to capture a picture when she is not moving!

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Kara @ Mine for the Making said...

Great tutorial! I love that big shot machine...I need one! And what a great tip with the liner on the clip! THanks for linking up to DIY Diva Thursdays this week :)


Jamie said...

VERY cute! Wish I had a girl to make these for!

Katie said...

Very cute!!!
You should join me for Handmade 52! -Katie

Is said...

Hi Becky! Stopping by from Simply Link Party. Those hair clip are so pretty! I wish I had a baby girl to make some for her, well maybe I'll make some for me! This tutorial is great, and the one of the paper balls! I love them! Thanks for sharing, I'm following you now, it would be great if you stoppend by my blog.
Greetings from Spain

Unknown said...

Cute hair clip. Which bigz die did you use? I've been trying to find one that cuts multiple sizes of circles but I can't find one.


Kelley @ said...

Love love love this tutorial.. and your model is super cute :)

Jillys Stampin Studio said...

This die is from Stampin Up. It's called circles #2. You can order it from us here

If you need any other help e-mail us at

Rhonda said...

Becky you are so talented and these are all so cute!

Sass - aka - Kathy said...

Great job. I love it! Please consider sharing this with my readers over at
Hugs, Kathy

My Sunny Porch said...

Great job illustrating the steps! I may stop by sometime over the next few days with masculine 'thank you's' and to pick up 'the scrap-pack'. Thank you, THANK YOU!