Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wedding Bells are ringing

My dear friend Rhonda is getting married soooo soon! She is working hard to get everything ready for the big day. We made the table numbers for the reception. She bought the frames at Ikea for super cheap, we put black and white paper in them with the table numbers on the paper. Really simple but cute and classy! We used the cricut to cut out all the numbers which made this project very easy. I think they are going to look so nice on the tables!

Rhonda and I made these awhile ago but I never took a picture of it (stupid me). Rhonda so kindly sent me a picture so I can blog about it now! They are having a candy bar at their wedding so she bought these paper bags that are perfect! We punched a large circle then a black flower and stamped the letter "T" for temple...her new last name. It just adds a little extra to make the bags a bit more special.

I have had so much fun doing all this crafty stuff for the wedding! It is going to be an amazing day! Can't wait!


Rhonda said...

Ooh yay I love these so much! These would not have looked nearly as cute without your help and supplies! Thank you so much! :)

Elizabeth said...

I love the numbers!! They do look super classy!! Rhonda is SO lucky to have a friend like you to help out!! I love the idea of having a candy bar at a wedding. I've been to one like that and I was in heaven!!! I hope you enjoy yourself at her wedding!!

According to Jax said...

These are awesome! any chance you still have these and are selling them???