Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hostess Gifts

I made these a long time ago for my aunt, cousins, sister and mom who all helped throw a baby shower for my little baby Avery! I wanted to give them a gift but I was on a limited budget. I can't take credit for all these ideas I found some of them on other peoples wonderful blogs. I gave each person a pop bottle with a chocolate bar in the paper pocket, a bag filled with chocolate covered raisins (from Costco), a little notepad and a matching card.

This is the little notebook. I found the idea on Becky Roberts crafty blog. She is a Stampin up demonstrator and she has really cute stuff on her blog! They are super easy to make. I got the tiny notepads at the dollar store then I just measured how much space I needed and did some folding. The pencil holder is a bit tricky I did find the directions for that on her blog.

This is the pop bottle idea. I found this of a blog called Stamp-a-licious. I think it is so cute. Is there a better coke and chocolate??? I put paper around the diet coke label so it matched the rest of the items in the gift.

The chocolate covered raisins were really easy. I put them in a cellophane bag and used some scrapbook paper and card stock folded over to be the topper. I added some ribbon for a bow.

Lastly I made a card to match the set. It was actually really fun to make and I think it looked pretty cute too.


katy Rea said...

These were sooooo cute i loved them so much!!! i still have the card. and i ate the raisins up fast and drank the fresca too.

Elizabeth said...

Those are really cute!!! I love The pop bottle idea.

Rhonda said...

What creative gifts! I love these!

Jamie said...

Such cute ideas! You guys are so creative!