Thursday, June 23, 2011

Window gift package

I always forget to to take pictures during the creating process and then when I am making the post on here I think oh I should do a tutorial on how to make this. However this one probably doesn't need a step by step tutorial because it is sooooo easy.

I had a few birthdays to celebrate and I wanted to give a little tiny gift to let these people know I care. I went to Michaels and found these little boxes for about $2.50. I measured each face of the box, cut out paper and glued it on. On the front there is a little oval window but I thought it would be a bit tricky to cut the oval exactly perfect so I just used a punch that was smaller than the window so you could still see inside the box.

The only tricky part was the top side where the box clips in. I had to measure things out, do a little bit of cutting and make it fit. After I made that template then I traced it for the other side. I also kept one of the templates for future boxes I want to make.

After all the paper cutting I put the treats in. (for this one I used cupcakes-one big one and 2 minis) You can use whatever treats you want. To finish it up just add some ribbon on the handle. I put four different ribbons and tied them in a knot. Done!

Anyone can do this. Try it out!


Rhonda said...

I love this! I keep forgetting to tell you this, but the cupcakes you made me that came in the lovely package - were DELICIOUS! Seriously. They were amazing! Thank you!! :)

Jamie said...

Oh that is soooo cute!! Love it!